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Roofing material used in the manufacturing industry frequently takes a beating, above and beyond the normal wear and tear experienced by residential properties. Chemicals, exhausts, and residues from the manufacturing process can break down most types of roofing materials more quickly than just sun, wind, and weather.

Industrial complexes also seem to have more skylights to bring natural light to the interior. Penetrations in the roofing system are prone to leaks unless the roofing system is properly installed and maintained. Rely on Southland Roofing Inc. who are experts on Residential, Commercial, and Industrial roofing Experts.

New Construction Roof

Sends us the plans for the new construction and residential roofing experts at Southland Roofing Inc. will offer an estimate according to your plan. 


Roof Installation

Request a Free roofing inspection and experts at Southland Roofing Inc. will come out to performing a comprehensive inspection to determine the condition of your roof and recommend the most practical and cost-effective option.

Roof Repair

Roof repair work can range from replacing damaged shingles and fascia to fixing small leaks or holes. Southland Roofing Inc. can perform all types of minor and more significant repair jobs quickly and affordably.

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