Best Roofing Designs

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Figuring out what style roof works best for your home can be a difficult task. Whether you are a commercial, industrial, or residential property owner, there is a decent amount of research required to find the best solution. To help the customers we proudly serve in the right direction, Southland Roofing Inc has put a together a list of the most popular roofing styles.

Mansard Roofs

Mansard roofs can be identified by four distinct slopes that originate from French architecture. This unique design allows for additional attic space at the apex of the four slopes.

Gambrel Roofs

While often mistaken for a standard Mansard Roof Gambrel Roofs find an Italian architectural origin and feature Dutch roots.

Saltbox Roofs

The long pitch of Saltbox roofs makes this roofing style the most popular roofing option due to the high aesthetic appeal it has. This type of roof is generally reserved for homes that have a typical single story opposing a multi story design.

Pyramid Roofs

A pyramid roof is easy to spot because of its name. This roofing style is just as it sounds and involves four bases meeting at an apex.

Cross Gabled Roofs

When a roof is needed for a house with an extra wing, generally general contractors will suggest a cross gabled roof design. Easy to spot and aesthetically pleasing, the triangle shape of a traditional Cross Gabled Roof is an iconic image.

Bonnet Roofs

Another member of the pyramid roof family, the main difference of a bonnet roof is its protruding sheets that allow for outdoor patio space.

Flat Roofs

If you ask any roofer in Los Angeles they will tell you that flat roofs are by far the easiest installation. While generally coming in the form of metal, TPO, torch down, or built up, flat roofs main drawback is their tendency to collect debris.

Hip Roofs

At a quick glance a hip roof could easily be mistaken for a pyramid roof. The two designs share many of the same key characteristics. The hip roof is better for areas with high winds and is preferred by Los Angeles roofers over the pyramid style. Recently, metal roofing has been the go to system for hip roofs.

Skillion Roofs

Constructed with a single slope, the skillion roof is a compromise between a flat roof and a bonnet set up. This style generally comes in metal, TPO, torch down, or built up variety.

Saw-tooth Roof

Known for its parallel forks, pitched roofs feature a design where the slope and surface alternate. This set up resembles the side of a saw blade. The elevated apex gives the home a vaulted ceiling or room for a loft.

Butterfly Roofs

Butterfly roofs are distinctly identified by their V-shaped angle that connects two tandem pieces. This design resembles the wings of a butterfly and allows for rainwater collection in the roofs center.

Curved Roofs

While closely related to the skillion roof design, the main distinction that sets curved roofs apart is their curved planes. This curve takes on the form of an arch and creates a unique curb appeal. These roofs are great for Los Angeles and Orange County roofers as their high slope allows for a high degree of wind resistance.

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