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If you have a plan B, plan A is not going to happen. Viewers of YouTube’s Roofing Insights would surely recognize this phrase, one of their most common pieces of advice. Roofing Insights is led by creator and roofing expert Dmitry Lipinskiy with a focus on roofing industry education. His practicality and honesty are what makes his videos so impactful - if you come to his channel to learn, you won’t leave empty-handed. The goal listed on their website is “bringing experience, transparency, innovation, and technology to the marketplace while sharing and optimizing ROIs for our customers.”

Roofing Insights bases its company on revolutionizing the roofing industry. Viewers flock to the YouTube channel to learn how to manage work/life balance, growing a business from scratch, marketing, managing finances, and more. Thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn benefit from Lipinskiy’s advice. Along with daily video uploads and a strong social media presence, Roofing Insights offers its Roofing Business School, Roofing Insights Directory, and its most recent addition of the Roofing Insights magazine. As an individual roofing contractor or business owner looking to attain valuable knowledge and business acumen, you can surely find something to gain from Dmitry Lipinskiy and Roofing Insights.

Lipinskiy started his first business from nothing in 2013. He grew up the eldest child of seven in an impoverished Siberian home. As a teenager, Lipinskiy learned to “lead, compete, and make money" before moving to the United States as a penniless 22-year-old.

Flooring, ice dam removal, and roofing are just a few of the types of companies Lipinskiy has founded and sold over time. If you watch any of his marketing-related videos, he frequently encourages a bold approach to success. “You have to jump all in” is one of his common statements, a testament to how much he values confidence. Much of business success lies not in the practical side of operations, but in the person-to-person interactions of a strong professional. Lipinskiy’s advice doesn’t shy away from telling you how to approach your business with shrewdness and conviction.

Lipinskiy created his YouTube channel Roofing Insights in early 2017 and has amassed over 33,000 subscribers as of 2020. He was “inspired through his own experiences to help other roofers become successful business owners” and has worked his way to becoming an industry leader in all aspects of the roofing sector. Storm Group Roofing is Lipinskiy’s flagship company, but he does not limit himself to one single professional element. Branching out into yet another area of his business, Lipinskiy and Roofing Insights offer “business classes nationwide, a full-access online business school, and our own biannual conferences for roofers.” Altogether, his company expects to gross $34 million in 2020 alone. Combining professional, practical experience with marketing and education, Lipinskiy provides a unique perspective on roofing that encompasses all areas of your business. Roofing Insights is a singular resource for self-help advice and success stories that help you model your own business journey.

Roofing Insights also values giving back to the community. Monthly, the company provides a free roof to one teacher in the U.S. as part of their Roofs for Teachers charity. To honor his sisters in Russia, who are teachers, Lipinskiy started this initiative a a way to give back to people in local communities.

Lipinskiy was a featured guest on the Why Not podcast in 2019, where he told his story of how he came from poverty and immigrated to the U.S., and how he learned to achieve his dreams as a young man. As the show notes aptly put it, “it is said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” As highlighted in the podcast, Lipinskiy leads by experience, influencing others through his journey to live his dream life. Lipinskiy discusses learning English through television and music, scraping by on limited resources, and starting a business from nothing.

As a content marketer in the competitive roofing industry, Lipinskiy carved out a space for himself as a leading influencer across social media and beyond. From owning multiple companies to expanding his business into content creation and educational classes, Lipinskiy found a way to combine his passion for teaching others how to be the best versions of themselves with practical advice and professional insight. At Southland Roofing Inc., we look up to Lipinskiy’s shrewdness in the roofing sector as we strive to revolutionize the industry. One hallmark of a good businessman is the drive to continually revitalize your business and yourself, a quality that this industry expert seems to possess. His story inspires us to enhance our communication, innovation, and execution by applying the vital insight he gained by overcoming obstacles in his life. Southland Roofing Inc. thanks Dmitry Lipinskiy for his expertise and valuable advice as an innovator in the roofing industry.

Southland Roofing Inc. is committed to providing premier service at the right price. Serving Los Angeles and Orange County, we pride ourselves on safety, efficiency, and competitive pricing as we revolutionize the roofing industry. Contact us today to find out how we can serve all your roofing needs.

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