How the Digital Age is Transforming the Roofing Industry

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The world of roofing used to be a word of mouth industry. The foundation of the American roofing sector was built on quality workmanship, surveying, and overall letting jobs speak for themselves. While this format still has a strong position in any cities highly competitive field of roofing providers, organizations specifically on the West Coast are beginning to take note from The Silicon Valley and sending the once traditional world of roofing into the digital age. While most industries have made a platform jump from Facebook to more adaptable business to business arenas like Linkedin and even applications like Bumble. Organizations such as Southland Roofing inc and West Roofing have begun to adapt more modern approaches to generating and maintaining website traffic. While most service industries started to adapt these strategies earlier into the 21st century, most marketers will tell you that blue color industries like roofing are stuck in a relative dark age of technological marketing strategies. This raises an important question. Would these strategies even be effective in such an antiquitus industry such as roofing? Is it possible that residential customers and general contractors leave the traditional roofing providers for a younger more technologically driven and advanced organizations like seen currently in the Los Angeles roofing sector.

According to marketing Guru Marcus Sheridan these organizations are getting the leads that they do because they have built a wealth of valuable and highly shareable content to contribute to the thriving content economy that fuels American marketing. When organizations are able to step out of the box and become more than just what their license number and tax code define them as, these organizations are able to build valuable marketing systems that can generate leads at a pace many businesses would have trouble keeping up with.

The key to building a marketing strategy that is content driven and palatable to the masses is to align your brand and company with things that already drive internet traffic. Blogging is currently the most popular method organizations use to drive their SEO traffic. Unfortunately, just blogging alone has proven to be less than an effective measure for bringing in quality users to a growing website. To maintain traffic and build a higher bounce rate, it is important for content creators to make content meant to keep the user on the website as long as possible. This can be effectively achieved through a high volume of pictures and video content. The name of the game is to bring eyes to the website, build strong associations with key terms, and use that traffic to drive up organic SEO ranking. When an effective content marketing strategy is in full force, it behaves like a massive spider web of content sharing and experience.

While many may not be ready to accept that industries such as roofing are beginning to shed their cocoons of old marketing strategies for those of the digital age. While this is certainly an interesting proposition. It will ultimately be the organizations that provide the best work at the best price will still be the ones at the finish line, regardless of how slick and effective their promotion strategy may be.

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