Mastering Roofing as A New Homeowner

Who the F### Nailed This Thing?

So new homeowners listen up. You and your exceptional significant other have just finished the long and tiresome phone calls with the bank and are ready to settle down in your dream home. After a quick honeymoon phase, you decide to check the integrity of the head of hair your new structure came with and you are shocked to find a messy mop of nails and shingles resembling a bad morning of bedhead. Often this is simply the result of the previous owners neglecting their home’s roof by hiring less-skilled workers to save a buck. Fortunately, your home does not need to succumb to this abuse and a nice neat haircut for your home is simply a phone call away. Call today to consult a professional roofing inspection and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Is it Me or is it Raining in the Living Room?

Everyone loves a relaxing afternoon to catch up on sports and reading, but out of the blue nature and years of homeowner neglect team up to soak you like the fifth row of a Sea World Show. So, what now? Do you begin to patch leaks and play small balls with your roof’s integrity? Or do you do what exterminators do and go for the nest? Sometimes doing what is right for the future of your home is not obvious, but when you're soaking wet and looking at years of future repairs, just sitting down and reassessing your roofing game plan can save the average homeowner thousands over the lifespan of a home. Call today to get your roof inspected by the industry's top professionals…

Don’t Worry Honey I Got This!

Every man likes to be the king of their household and when damages begin to bring down your home’s value this drive and reluctance to consult a professional can be a tremendous curse. We get it. You want to be the only handyman your wife thinks about when in distress. Unfortunately, when you maintain this façade it is only your home and your wife’s hard-earned respect that pay the price. When owning a home sometimes it is best to leave these matters in the hands of professionals. Call today to schedule a professional roof inspection. Trust us, your wife will thank you.

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