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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Roofing marketing guru Marcus Sheridan makes a simple equation to the roofing industry. At a restaurant the customer wants to know the price. If the seafood is market price usually the customer generally leaves with chicken in their stomach. So, if this is the case in the world’s most popular service industry, why can’t a similar statement be made about the way roofing is promoted? Everyone versed in roofing has come across the conventional wisdom that promoting on prices makes the work seem cheap, and in an industry like roofing where companies live and die by internal safety standards often this strategy of promotion seems to be a wasteful pursuit. This conventional wisdom could begin to be showing its age in the digital marketplace. In the year 2020, over 90% of residential roofing searches begin on Google, and just as Marcus Sheridan explains, when customers cannot find the price for what they are willing to give their money for there is a level of frustration that would overtake any potential buyer. With this observation in mind maybe it is time for Roofing companies to begin to take a note from the restaurant industry and begin to answer the age-old question all roofers know: “So, ballpark what is this one going to run me?” While the fears of harmed brand reputation may be legitimate in a booming industry such as roofing, the industry must also not forget that it is these naïve customers that ultimately keep the roofing industry afloat and if the tides are beginning to turn in the favor of customer choice and satisfaction, companies that are able to hoist this potential wave of business could potentially turn the roofing industry on its head. So finally, maybe it’s time to adapt to the changing times, and tell the customer exactly how much their job is going to cost, and just let them go home with a belly full of lobster for once.

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