Ways to Know If Your Roof Needs to Be Inspected

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Knowing when a roof needs an inspection is not always obvious to homeowners. Also, it is not uncommon for roof damage to go unidentified, costing homeowners millions of dollars annually. Catching this damage early is often a decisive factor in how much a homeowner pays out of pocket. However, when trained roofing professionals can inspect the integrity of a structure’s roofing, there are a series of checks that even the most inexperienced homeowner can begin to survey.

Extreme Weather Events

For anyone who has experienced a hailstorm, the potential damage to roofing seems obvious. While not all extreme weather events are as audible and visibly destructive as hail, damages caused by wind and rain can often greatly damage the integrity of a home’s roof. It is important for homeowners to maintain a consistent survey schedule through periods of bad weather and when in doubt a professional inspection can identify damages hidden to the untrained eye. To schedule an inspection….

Falling Shingles

While the appearance of falling or loose shingles is often not the sign of major roofing damage, it is also important to not ignore these warning signs. When encountering a roof beginning to shed its shingles, a homeowner has a variety of options. Often what appears to be the most cost-efficient option is to simply replace and re-secure loose shingles. While the homeowner might save upfront with this plan, by not getting a professional inspection, they could be losing a significant amount on future repairs. To schedule an inspection…

Signs of Attic Water Damage

No homeowner likes to find wet or damaged insulation coating the ceiling of their attic. This sign is often the result of a damaged roof that has failed to keep water from entering the home. At this point, a roofing repair is going to be incredibly hard to avoid if further costs and damages are to be avoided. At the first sign of attic water damage, it is imperative to have a professional roof inspection.

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