What are Wood Shingles?

There is certainly a deep affection for the natural aged appearance of wood shingle roofs. While asphalt shingles are the industry standard in 2020, wood shingles are still highly desired but unfortunately not permitted to use for Los Angeles and Orange County homeowners. While not as durable as industry standard asphalt shingles, wood shingles generally come in two distinct forms in the American roofing industry.

An experienced roofing company would give a customer the choice of hand split and tapersawn depending on the customer's price range and aesthetic preference. Certain neighborhoods in the United States encourage wood shingle to standardize the look of the homes in their neighborhood.


  • Cost: Wood shingles generally are more affordable than asphalt shingles

  • Durability: Depending on maintenance, wood shingles can have a high degree of durability over time.

  • Efficiency: The wood shingle installation process is incredibly cost effective and efficient given you have the right roofing provider.

  • Environmental Impact: Wood is the industry standard for reduced environmental and carbon footprint when it comes to roofing materials.


  • Quality: There is a large variance in quality between products. Less expensive materials can crack, craze, and delaminate, and the seam welds can fail, especially when exposed to severe temperature differences. As a rule of thumb, we suggest opting for better quality, more expensive materials to save you more in the long run.

  • Longevity: As a relatively new product in the market, wood shingles' longevity has long been a concern and one of the main reasons they are banned in LA and Orange County.

  • Leaks: When a wood shingle roof does leak, the leak can be hard to find and even harder to repair. Repairs that require removal of part of the roof covering can be expensive.

  • Deterioration: Despite high quality paints and primers, wood shingles often face deterioration, especially in humid climates.

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