Why and What are Tile Roofs?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

When a distant potential homeowner envisions their Southern California dream home, few images are more iconic than the clay tile roof. Known for both it’s distinct aesthetic look as well as it’s a high degree of durability, tile roofing is often the standard in Orange County and Los Angeles neighborhoods. The major benefit that a tile roof gives the Southern California homeowner is increased resistance to Salt and heat damage. When looking at Los Angeles and Orange County roofing options these benefits often justify tile roofings increased cost. When a new homeowner searches Google or Bing for Southern California Roofing prices the high cost of these tiles sometimes comes as a relative shock. However, once this new homeowner ages a bit and has to pay the high costs of heat and salt damage, they often convert their asphalt shingle roof to a tile roof and never look back. Another factor that might make some homeowners hesitant to install a tile roof on their house in 2020, is the time consuming and often expensive installation process. This is why when researching tile roofing solutions in Southern California it is important to focus on

companies and organizations with a high degree of expertise in repairing and installing tile roofing. New roofing businesses such as Southland Roofing inc located in The Los Angeles and Orange County area are redefining the way tile roofing is installed by maintaining specific teams that only repair and install tile roofs. By maintaining this high level of diversification, businesses like Southland Roofing inc are able to mitigate lost time and money due to work errors as well as maintain the industry's safest job sites in the least amount of time.

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