Why Asphalt Shingles?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The world a new homeowner enters can be overwhelming and roofing options are generally one of the new costs and unforeseen duties that come with owning property. When investigating the advantages and disadvantages of various roofing systems for residential homes, asphalt shingles are clearly the most popular option.

Often a customer will search the phrase “Why Asphalt Shingles? Or “Best roofing types”, asphalt shingles time and a time again show up as the industry standard for the Los Angeles roofing. While often the popularity of asphalt shingles is attributed to its low price and affordability, the real factor that keeps asphalt shingles as the most popular residential roofing solution in Los Angeles is the high degree of customization and aesthetic choice these little asphalt slips give homeowners.

Asphalt roofing also allows high levels of color and material options when compared to other roofing systems. There are various fashions of asphalt shingles that vary in both price, installation process, and generally durability.

Presidential or luxury shingles get their name from their increased weight and overall material cost. This extra weight gives these shingles an increased edge against weather and other types of damage. Along with this increase is a slight increase in shingle prices. The most cost-effective shingle roofing option is the classic three-tab shingle.

Strip shingles, or more commonly known as three tab shingles are the most common asphalt shingles used by Los Angeles roofers. These asphalt slips are made from one ply of asphalt and take on a rather appearance that usually resembles a slate roofing system. Since strip asphalt shingles are a single layer system they often come at a lower material cost. While more popular before the 1980’s and the rise of industry shingles, strip shingles were once standard for the Los Angeles roofing industry.

Architectural shingles or more commonly known as dimensional shingles, are the most popular asphalt shingle used by Los Angeles roofing contractors. Dimensional shingle roofing systems come in either single or multi plies of asphalt that are conjoined through adhesive giving the roofing system a multi layered appearance. Architectural shingles are generally denser than three tab shingles, and almost always come with an advanced warranty protection.

Great Value: When quality is accounted for asphalt shingles are a great value to homeowners.

  • Excellent durability: asphalt shingles have a high degree of durability when compared to traditional asphalt shingles.

  • Long-Term Weathering: Excellent long-term heat and weather resistance make asphalt shingles the most popular roofing style for Los Angeles roofers.

  • Inherently Flexible: No need for plasticizers.

  • Heavily standardized process: asphalt shingles are an industry standard for Los Angeles roofers and have a heavily studied and standardized installation.

  • Versatile Application Methods: Including high-performance roofs requiring high wind uplift, increased puncture resistance, or quick economical systems.


  • Cost: Asphalt Shingles generally are more affordable than slate shingles

  • Durability: Depending on maintenance asphalt shingles can have a high degree of durability

  • Efficiency: The asphalt shingle installation process is incredibly cost effective and efficient given the best roofer near you.

  • Environmental Impact: asphalt is the industry standard for Environmental and carbon footprint making them a popular option for Los Angeles roofers.


  • Quality: There is a large variance in quality between products. Less expensive materials can crack, craze, and delaminate, and the seam welds can fail, especially when exposed to severe temperature differences. As a rule of thumb, we suggest opting for better quality, more expensive materials to save you more in the long run.

  • Longevity: As an old product in the market, asphalt shingles longevity has been widely tested and studied. Manufacturers are also continually standardizing the process of maintaining asphalt shingles.

  • Leaks: When an Asphalt shingle roof does leak, the leak can be hard to find and even harder to repair. Repairs that require removal of part of the roof and water damage can be expensive.

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