Why Do California Residents Prefer Tile Roofing?

When anyone thinks of Americana and the imagery associated with American suburban scenery, the image of white picket fences and homes with asphalt shingle come to mind. However, when this picture is resettled toward

s the California coastline specifically neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Orange County, the image of little cookie cutter homes topped with orange tile roofs becomes the dominant image. So why is this? A similar phenomenon of roofing styles and patterns is seen on the Gulf Coast, but rarely on homes that share a coast with the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast. A casual reader may assume that this choice in roofing is simply an aesthetic choice, however there is reason to this perceived madness in the functionality and value incentive provided to homeowners near the Pacific and Gulf Coast due to the climate's high amount of salt in the air. While there is still value and reason to invest in an asphalt shingle style roof in Los Angeles, the durability found with clay tile roofing is hard to beat in the world of Southern California residential roofing. Also, along with this increase in durability comes a difficult process for repairs and replacement roofing services. While the industry standard might still be asphalt shingles, organizations like Southland Roofing inc in Southern California serving Orange County and Los Angeles from their offices in The Fairfax Fashion District. These fast growing roofing operations have been able to gain major traction in the industry by effectively delegating their work force to focus specifically on particular roofing styles. In a geographic area like Los Angeles where a roofing company may be doing five different styles of roof on a particular day, it is important to be able to send a team with experience in whatever fashion of roof the job might require. For jobs in Southern California that require clay tile installation and repair, it is imperative for customers to use a roofing contractor that has specialized experience in clay tile roofing. When investing in something as important as the roof that protects ones family and domain, one can simply not afford to go with inefficient service.

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