Why Get a Tile Roof?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

When a potential homeowner envisions their Los Angeles dream home, few images are more iconic than the clay tile roof. While “Tile roof cost or why tile roofs?” may be common search inquiries, there are several key features that make tile roofing solutions one of Los Angeles’s best roofing solutions.

Known for both it’s distinct aesthetics as well as it’s durability, tile roofing is often seen as the standard for Orange County and Los Angeles neighborhoods. The major benefit that a tile provides Los Angeles’s homeowners is an increased resistance to salt and heat damage. When looking at the Los Angeles and Orange County residential roofing industry the benefits of tile often justifies the increased cost. It is not uncommon for high cost of these tiles to comes as a relative shock. However, after a full cost analysis and a an accurate estimation from a roofing contractor, tile roofing over time can be a cost effective option.

While the durability and price are obvious factors that must be weighed, a key drawback of tile roofing in Los Angeles is the dangerous and often expensive installation process. This is why when researching tile roofing solutions, it is important to focus on companies and organizations with a high degree of expertise in repairing and installing tile roofing. New roofing operations such as Southland Roofing inc, located in The Los Angeles and Orange County area, are redefining the way tile roofing is installed by maintaining specific teams that only do tile roof repair and installation.

  • Great Value: When the quality of tile shingles is balanced to its high cost of equipment and installation, tile roofing solutions are still able to offer a premium to homeowners.

  • Excellent durability: Tile shingles have a high degree of durability when compared to traditional asphalt shingles.

  • Long-Term Weathering: Excellent long-term heat and weather resistant.

  • Inherently Flexible: No need for plasticizers.

  • Heavily standardized process: Tile shingles are an industry standard and have a heavily studied and standardized installation.

  • Versatile Application Methods: Including high-performance roofs requiring high wind uplift, increased puncture resistance, or quick economical systems


  • Cost: Tile shingles generally are more expensive, but also higher quality than asphalt shingles

  • Durability: Depending on maintenance tile shingles can have a high degree of durability

  • Efficiency: The tile shingle installation process is incredibly cost effective and efficient given the right roofing provider.

  • Environmental Impact: tile shingles are the industry standard for Environmental and carbon footprint


  • Quality: There is a large variance in quality between products. Less expensive materials can crack, craze, and delaminate, and the seam welds can fail, especially when exposed to severe temperature differences. As a rule of thumb, we suggest opting for better quality, more expensive materials to save you more in the long run.

  • Longevity: As a relatively old product in the market, tile shingles longevity is largely untested. Manufacturers are also continually improving the technology to iron out any issues with the material.

  • Leaks: When a tile shingle roof does leak, the leak can be hard to find and even harder to repair. Repairs that require removal of part of the roof covering can be expensive.

  • Deterioration: Without proper maintenance tile shingles do have a shelf life and are known to deteriorate faster than asphalt and slate shingles.

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