Why Shingles?

When a new homeowner enters the overwhelming world of home maintenance, often roofing options are simply one of many new costs and unforeseen duties that come with the new life as a property owner. When investigating what the advantages and disadvantages of roofing options for residential homes shingles are clearly the most popular option. The search phrase “Roofing Shingle’s Price” is one of the tops used searches on Google pertaining to home improvement inquiries.

While often the popularity of shingles is attributed to its low price and affordability, the real factor that keeps shingles as the most popular residential roofing option is the high degree of customization and aesthetic choice these little slips give homeowners. To bolden this observation is also the various level of color and material options for shingles is vast when compared to other roofing options. There are various fashions of asphalt shingles including the presidential or luxury shingles that are named such due to their increased weight. This extra weight gives these shingles an increased edge against weather and other types of damage. Along with this increase is a slight increase in shingle prices. The most cost-effective shingle roofing option is the classic three-tab shingle.

Often when a new homeowner searches Google or Bing for cheap roofing solutions, the first option that is presented is the 3 tab asphalt shingle. This shingle is the most popular residential roofing option in areas like Los Angeles and Orange County due to the region's lack of major weather events. It is not uncommon for a 3 tab asphalt shingle roof to last a Southern California homeowner over a decade. Call Southland Roofing Inc. located in Los Angeles and Orange County California area to schedule an estimate today and get the shingle roof you’ve always wanted.

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